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The Global Green Development Group focuses on econmic empowerment to developing countries and stand ready to assist you with resolving the challenges of the future, and to build a foundation for growth. To stay competitive in today's fast-paced world, it's crucial to plan for your project with professionalism and technology not only keep pace with - but to enhance - your business growth.

A Global Perspective Management Group....GGDG is an outgrowth of the management and project control necessities dictated by today's requirement. Our group provide services for various level of clients - including national goverments to local commercial & community enterprises - master planned developments to infrastructure assistance serving public sector clients.

As our name suggusts, we are environmentally and socio-economically driven - in fact we only accept engagements which are designed to provide environmentally and socio-economically appropriate solutions to local developments and provide assurance of sustainable outcomes to the communities they are to serve.


WE ARE NOT a typical international project construction company we are a consortium of highly skilled, technically advanced, committed companies and top executive management brought together under the concept of being socially responsible to todays and tommorrow's people.


  Many areas of the developing world are confronted by long standing social and/or environmental challenges which has been difficult to resolve under the existing management and structures of today's business - this is where GGDG comes in - our operating structures and commitment to the socio - economic and people issues are paramount and lead all our decisions and commitments.  


  GGDG is unique - we care of what we do and how our efforts will serve the people we are asked to assist.   
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