Solar and Wind

Solar and Wind pictureThe energy sector in Africa is a priority for both governments and international partners. Oil price fluctuation, the shortage of fossil fuel, and environmental problems are critical issues of which are of concern to the global and domestic communities. There are more than 600 million people in Africa with no access to electricity.

Asia (especially China), Europe, India and the U.S. are increasingly investing heavily in the African energy sector. GGDG is developing both on-grid and off-grid energy solutions that work to enhance economic growth and industrialization. Solar and wind are renewable alternatives to on-grid electricity and allows more flexibility in connecting rural areas where it is not easy to provide a feedstock supply. GGDG is working with local communities to install solar and wind projects that are both economical and eco-friendly.


Biofuel pictureGlobal Green BioEnergy Limited (GGBL) – Global Green Bioenergy Limited (GGBL) is a division of Global Green Development Group (GGDG), a consortium of companies that provide services to emerging economies of Sub Saharan Africa. While emissions from fossil fuel damages our environment and generates greenhouse effects, biofuel is considered as a clean and renewable energy. In pure form or blended with petroleum diesel, biofuel can be used as a transport fuel in diesel engines. Biofuel reduces and preserves fossil fuels consumption and emissions; therefore, biofuel is garnering so much attention today. Biodiesel is also widely used in underground mines because it reduces miners’ exposure to air-borne diesel particulate matter (DPM). The Global Green Bioenergy quality and standard are promoted accordingly for sustainable development of its biofuel products. Global Green BioEnergy (GGBL) has commenced performance to produce Jatropha derived biofuels, as well as high-quality and innovative Jatropha by-products.

GGBL recently secured twelve firm commitments towards 210,000 hectares of farmland, for its feedstock production, for its modular biofuel refineries in Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire. GGBL plans to establish ten modular biodiesel refineries over the next three years throughout Nigeria and two modular biodiesel refineries in Cote d’Ivoire, with goals to producing biodiesel fuel for domestic consumption (30%), and exporting biocrude oil to USA (70%) for its biojet fuel production program.

Renewable Green Diesel & Green Jet Fuels

Power GenerationGlobal Green Energy LLC – GGE is a renewable energy company that brings together leaders in the renewable fuels industry and leverages their strengths – from financing feedstocks to fuel manufacturing to marketing. This bilateral approach creates sustainable, economic, non-food biofuels business at a commercial scale. Airline executives, top shipping companies and biofuel developers say they see huge potential for this new industry, but they need a reliable supply, which means supportive government policy to develop supply chains that can compete with petroleum and producers of renewable fuels. Global Green Energy LLC has created a plan to develop regional bio-refineries to be located throughout the United States to address the huge supply in demand. Global Green Energy LLC (GGE) operates across the supply chain by owning or controlling large quantities of land in the USA for bio-feedstock, developing refining capacity, solving aviation fuel supply logistics, as well as handling sales to end users. GGE is currently planning the development of a 60,000,000 gallon per year fully Integrated Biorefinery Production Enterprise (IBPE) in Mississippi (Region 2).

The IBPE will produce primarily renewable green jet fuel at the highest quality, for both domestic and international consumption by the U.S. Department of Defense and the commercial airlines. It will also produce green diesel for the transportation industry. Both the green jet and green diesel fuels will help to reduce up to 85% of the carbon emissions from transportation and aviation. Using Honeywell UOP hydroprocessing technology allows for the intake of multiple cellulosic feedstock’s. At least 200,000+ acres of feedstock will be grown locally nearby the new facility, while jatropha grown in Africa and Mexico will also be a secondary supply source. The company has three additional regional renewable diesel biorefineries planned throughout the USA.

Power Generation

Floating Power Plant

Global Green Orufe Industries – “On July 1, 2013 GGDG registered Global Green Orufe Industries as the intended Project Company for the development of an Industrial Complex in Imo State, Nigeria. The project is a long-term development that is scheduled to take place over a ten-year period in three phases. GGDG was established to meet the one stop needs of third world and emerging countries by providing turn-key solutions through well-defined master planning. The purpose of the project is to harness the abundant gas reserves in Nigeria. Nigeria is endowed with the tenth largest proven natural gas reserves in the world. Nigeria alone could provide the power needs of all of West Africa and is equivalent to the annual power generation in sub Saharan Africa. Flaring in the Niger Delta releases some 35 million tons of carbon dioxide annually into the air. The extent of human damage attributable to gas flaring is very high, this project will drastically improve the quality of life and help to offset global warming.

The Industrial Complex is a multi-phase development program consisting of an initial 300 hectares (741.30 acres). The project is designed to bring heavy industries to Imo State to enhance the state’s overall GDP and economic stability, while fomenting an environment for job creation for its citizen’s. Phase 1 of the project will involve construction of a 300 MW Power Plant on barge, and includes jetty, on-site transformers, gas processing and approximately 20km of gas pipeline to transport the natural gas feedstock to the power barge from a nearby gas field. This barge mounted power plant is going to quickly add to Nigeria’s much needed power generation capacity.”

GGE is a renewable energy company that brings together leaders in the renewable fuels industry and leverages their strengths – from financing feedstocks to fuel manufacturing to marketing. This bilateral approach creates sustainable, economic, non-food biofuels business at a commercial scale.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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