Walton Flowers


Walton Flowers

Mr. Walton Flowers is the Chief Operations Officer. He is also the President and Co-Founder of Sturdi-Quick International and business developer for the company. He is currently the Vice President of Sturdi-Quick Prefabricated Structures where he was instrumental in the start-up of the business. Mr. Flowers assisted in the acquisition of all required licensing, permits, and insurance and provides assistance in the overall office management functions and implementation of the strategic business plan.

Mr. Flowers has extensive experience in the field of construction, construction management, demolition and remediation.  Mr. Flowers was a field supervisor for many years where he oversaw the preparation of buildings for demolition and has worked for large industry firms such as Marcor Remediation Inc. and Cleveland Wrecking Company of which is a wholly owned subsidiary of URS. His specialty is asbestos abatement and other hazardous materials clean up.

Mr. Flowers is also skilled at metal building erection and steel frame housing construction, were he has managed his own business for the past 22 years. He is directly responsible for sourcing new projects for cost evaluation and estimation. Mr. Flowers oversees all vendors and sub-contractors as well as field operations and provides assistance for field project management. He is experienced at all facets of construction and construction related equipment. Mr. Flowers has also worked in the aerospace industry specializing in the electro polishing, sandblasting, and electroplating of various aerospace parts.

It is from his background in metals that SturdiQuick Prefabricated Structures decided to work in all steel structures. Mr. Flowers is also knowledgeable in the transportation industry where his entrepreneurial spirit led him to command a fleet of tractor-trailers for over-the-road cargo and tour busing operations to Nevada for nearly ten years. Other entrepreneurial endeavors include Wholesale Trade and Real Estate Investments. Mr. Flowers is well versed at International affairs and has visited numerous countries on empowerment missions.

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