GGDG and Top African firm sign Joint Venture to build biofuel Refinery in USA.

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July 9, 2016
African oil trader Taleveras takes first step into biofuels​
June 15, 2017

GGDG and Top African firm sign Joint Venture to build biofuel Refinery in USA.

Los Angeles, California : Taleveras and Global Green Development announced the creation of a Joint Venture company that will be focused on developing and building a biofuel refinery in the United States of America.

The Joint venture, Global Green Energy will research and develop technology for production of low carbon biofuels. The targeted fuels will be for military operational use and the aviation industry. The goal of this project by Global Green Energy is to increase the domestic advanced biofuels production capacity by establishing complete domestic value chains capable of producing drop-in replacement biofuels. This includes feedstock production and logistics, conversion facilities (Integrated Biorefineries), fuel blending (if required), transportation, and Logistics. The Proposed IBPE (Integrated Biofuel Production Enterprise) will be able to establish a capacity to produce at least 10 million gallons of neat Biofuel per year under its initial pilot program in Claiborne County, Mississippi.

Additionally, the Biofuel project envisioned in this joint venture is expected to include a capability to blend the neat biofuel product with petroleum-based equivalent fuels in order to meet approved certifications and specifications. The capabilities and/or facilities to store and transport the resulting product will also be a critical part of the IBPE project.

The project will be in different phases, and will also involve the establishment of farming cooperatives in Africa to grow the energy feedstock (Jatropha). The Jatropha will be refined in Africa in modular refineries located near the production sites/farms and the produced biofuel will be sent to United States to be blended in the biofuel refinery.

About Taleveras:

Taleveras is an African independent energy company founded in 2004 and focused on unlocking the value of African hydrocarbon potential. Taleveras experience in the international oil and gas trading business, specifically supply, trading, exploration and production, has been cultivated in Africa, where they have worked together with world class partners to realize superior returns while preserving the environment.

About GGDG:

Global Green Development Group (GGDG) is a business consortium that is made up of experienced and skilled consortium members with the common interest of assisting with the challenge of Africa’s economic and infrastructure development. GGDG team members are each seasoned companies with technical skills in varying fields. GGDG focuses on Agriculture, Infrastructure Development, and Energy in Africa.

Global Green Energy a major Pan-African Energy Company brings together two leaders in their industries and leverages their strengths – from financing feedstocks to fuel manufacturing to marketing – to create a sustainable, economic, non-food biofuels business at commercial scale.

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